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A+ Research Papers on Ethical Issues

paper on ethical issuesWell, you are assigned to write a research paper on ethical issues. What is more, you are free to choose these issues. It complicates the task a bit: writing about abortions, cloning, euthanasia, and other ethical issues is not interesting any more, even boring. What else can you write about? Actually, there are many other issues that are not so frequently discussed but can be considered in research papers on the ethical issues.

Organ Transplantation

In research papers on organ transplantation, you have to analyze what is “ethical” and what is “unethical” about this operation. Give examples of failed organ transplantation and discuss them in your paper on ethics. Let us give you such an example that you can provide in papers on ethics:
In February 2003, 17-year-old Jessica Santillan received a heart-lung transplant at Duke University Hospital. The organ went badly awry, since, by mistake, doctors used donor organs of a patient with a different blood type.
Discuss that case in your research paper on ethics.

Business Ethics in Today’s Corporate World

If you want to cover this topic in your ethics research paper, you need to identify a certain problem related to this area and formulate a thesis statement. What is more, writing ethics research papers implies your analysis of different viewpoints and opinions on business ethics.

Ethical Dilemma

Ethical dilemma is one of the most difficult, still, much interesting things to discuss in papers on ethics. For example, a doctor has a duty to his family (to go and talk with the director of the school where his/her children study).On the other hand, he also has a duty to his patients, who are waiting for him at the hospital. You can think of other examples to explain the meaning of this phenomenon in the ethical dilemma research paper.
After you choose a topic to consider in the ethics research paper, you will also have to make a proposal. Find tips on how to write an academic research proposal on our blog.
If you lack time, skills, or desire to write, you can buy a research paper.

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