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Essays on Patriotism: Inner Consideration or the Fashion

Some people note that human desire to love their native lands is considered to be a fashion, not an inner consideration. It was noticed that people in some countries do not have patriotic feelings to their countries, however, they dwell upon patriotism only because it is in fashion. It is incorrect.
Patriotism is a state of the soul, it cannot be influenced by outside circumstances. If students have a desire to write essays on patriotism, they should express their personal opinion on this problem, they should write what they feel about the point in their essays on patriotism.
It is inadmissible to use any books or the Internet while describing personal feelings to the country students live in, it should come from inside. Here are some topics students may discuss in their essays on patriotism.
Topics for essays on patriotism

  • Students may highlight the problem of the nature of patriotic feelings in their essays on patriotism. It should be stated that this feeling is brought up, not created.
  • Essays on patriotism can focus on the problem of human affection for the land they were born. What is the main reason for this?
  • Students are free to shed light on the problem from the philosophical point of view. Why not? Essays on patriotism may appear to be interesting and innovative.
  • Much research has been conducted in this sphere. Students can take any of the surveys with statistical data and use this information in their essays on patriotism. One should notice that the most patriotic people live in the USA.

Students should try to write essays on patriotism based on the following idea, what one can do in the name of his/her country.

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