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Essays on Children: Illuminating the Problem of Generation Gap

Raising topical questions in one’s papers
The problem of generation gap has been discussed since times immemorial. Parents in ancient Greece were as indignant at their children’s behavior as present day parents are. Writing essays on children, learners need to choose an appropriate perspective for making their reasoning as objective as possible.
Writing essays on children from both children’s and adults’ perspectives might be helpful for building bridges between family members. It is always important to take into consideration arguments of the opposite side.
Working on essays on children, learners need to pay attention to peculiarities of representatives of this age group. The main children’s characteristics are their vulnerability and instability. Still, all kids have their personal opinion and their ambitions, and adults need to reckon it.
Working on essays on children, learners might use their personal experience as an adult or describe memories from their childhood. It would make papers more expressive and persuasive.
Useful hints for writing essays on children

  1. Think over the topics of your essays on children and work on strong thesis statements. It is important to select an interesting and narrow topic for simplifying one’s further work.
  2. Collect weighty arguments for supporting the main ideas of essays on children. It is possible to use one’s knowledge of child’s psychology or describe personal experience from one’s childhood.
  3. The questions of generation gap and child’s socialization are central for most essays on children. It is important to illuminate sociological aspects in one’s paper.
  4. Describing child-parents relations and attachment in your essays on children, consider arguments of both sides. It would make your reasoning sound more objective.
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