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Research Papers on Accounting Analyze Real World Firms’ Problems

Research papers on accounting offer wonderful chances to research companies in which you have a personal or professional interest. Use all the techniques and concepts you have absorbed in your course to analyze a real world issue. If you pick a topic that gets your intellectual juices flowing, the task of assembling an accounting research paper will be easier, more fun, and could even land you a networking interview.
Research papers on accounting torn from the pages of the daily business news:
If you read the following with this in mind, you will find something into which to sink your accounting teeth:

  • The Wall Street Journal,
  • The Economist,
  • The Financial Times,
  • or the business sections of The New York Times,

Look for stories that suggest:

  • managerial misstep (e.g., Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper empire),
  • environmental challenge (British Petroleum’s oil leak)
  • New problems, such as accounting for donations by the Occupy Wall Street protest movement (

Ask yourself:

  1. How to account for a management mistake?
  2. How to set aside for a disaster?
  3. How to deal with unprecedented issue?

Write a research paper analyzing accounting decisions in a company that interests you personally. What do you, yourself, use or consume? This is industry, product, brand. Research publicly available information on one company, for example:
Analyze recent and past accounting decisions. Rule of thumb: If it’s a mess, it hits the press; this is potential research paper on accounting gold.
Research papers on accounting can open networking doors. Summon the gumption to contact officials at a firm for which you would like to work, for example,
Or any of the myriad corporations listed at this website (registration is needed) –
After drilling down into their statements, e.g.,, formulate several thoughtful questions about their accounting decisions that do not insult, but show your careful reading of their annual report. Such interviews must be cited formally, by the way.
Thank your interviewee in a hard-copy letter including: impeccable grammar, several insightful observations, promise to follow up post-graduation. Choose one financial statement, or issue to examine, and even compare between two firms – Consult FASB at
Apply the questions from a case study to a real, current company. Environmental accounting: – this is a bit old, but your updating of the examples and ideas can constitute your contribution!
Credit reform – Basic issues in Accounting:

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