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Education in America: Detailed Information and Cool Essay Ideas!

education-system-in-AmericaWell, it seems that the Big Day has come. You’re about to write a paper about the education system in America. And here you’ll learn the best way to do it.

Education in America: the Definition of the Peculiar Phenomenon.

“What is education?” is the question that would open a chart of top 100 most popular questions among students. Indeed, what is the whole thing about?
Well, it’s your time to find out that education is the means to pass the habits and aims from one generation to another.
Now you know how to handle your education in America essay like a real pro! Now let’s get down to some real business.

Education in America. Find out Its Essence and Peculiarities Now

When dealing with a college education in America or anything of the kind, keep in mind these details:

  1. University is sometimes called college in the USA;
  2. There are two-semester and four-quarter system of curriculum in the USA;
  3. In the USA high schools, working students make nearly 24%;
  4. Remedial courses are a must for the students who want to succeed;
  5. High-education bubble is ready to burst: not everyone needs college/university experience.

Are you ready to pass to the next stage? Then let’s go!

Education in America: Classification and Colorful Descriptions.

There are several things you need to know about education systems in America. Let’s start from the very beginning.
Well, you’re three. And you go straight to kindergarten and nursery… to enter a university or high school:
USA Educational System

Nursery Schools:
Research the early development programs (Age:4-5)

  • Create new learning games;
  • Teach children nursery rhymes.

Elementary/Primary Schools

  • Develop students’ logics;
  • Create activities that stimulate imagination.
Middle School

  • Try to avoid the traditional 5-paragraph structure of writing.

Grades 5-8

  • Acquire specific skills for professional training.

4-Year High Schools

  • Describe the difficulties that students face in high school;
  • Offer statistical data on the issue.
Junior High School

  • Broaden the horizons of your knowledge.

Senior High School

  • Learn professional skills.

em>Combined Junior-Senior High Schools

  • Combine several theories;
  • Offer thorough analysis
Vocational Technical Institutions:

  • Develop your own approach to the problem;
  • Consider the issues of your specialization

Junior or Community Colleges:

  • Research a new issue in the chosen field;
  • Offer a new solution for the given problem

Undergraduate Programs:

  • Focus on interdisciplinary issues;
  • Provide several viewpoints on the issue.
Master’s Degree Studies:

  • Conduct a vast literature research;
  • Offer concise list of research results.
Professional Schools:

  • Pick a specific issue;
  • Consider it from various angles.
Doctoral Studies:

  • Offer an innovative approach;
  • Combine theory and practice.
Postdoctoral Study and Research:

  • Pick a relatively new issue to explore;
  • Base your research on solid theory.

education-in-AmericaAs you see now, the whole thing about the school education in America isn’t that complicated – all that it takes to understand the way America education works is to remember this simple plan.

Education in America: the Key Problems and Efficient Solutions.

When writing about education in America and other countries, you can also devote your paper to the current educational issues in the USA. Offer a unique solution for education problems in America!
The Problem

  • American 12-graders rank #19 in the world
  • American students score less than the African American and the Latin Americans
  • 40% of the 17-year-old students do not have the necessary skills in mathematics
  • 20% of teachers cannot prepare students for high school properly
  • Since 1996, considerable discipline issues have been spotted.

The Probable Solution

  1. Offer new methods of teaching to apply.
  2. Suggest the means to compare the teaching methodologies and changing the current American one.
  3. Think of:
    • New ways of teaching math;
    • Offer courses in math for students to train better.
    • Suggest a testing system for teachers;
    • Develop your own test.
  4. Offer an efficient way to motivate students to behave properly.

Education in America vs. Education in Europe: Making Difference.

Here are some more tips! When creating a paper like that, you can depict the peculiarities of education in America compared to Europe. Just point out the main differences!

In USA In Europe
The possibility to choose subjects Compulsory set of subjects
Less interactive studying More engaging activities
Rugby as a compulsory discipline No kind of sport is compulsory
SAT single subject test examination system GCSE level examination structure
The grading system:

  • A (100-90, excellent);
  • B (89-80, good);
  • C (79-70, satisfactory);
  • D (69-60, pass);
  • E, F, I, N, U (59-0, fail).
The grading system:

  • A (90%, excellent);
  • B (75%, good);
  • C (60%, satisfactory);
  • D (25%, bad);
  • E (10%, nearly failed);
  • F (9%, fail);
  • FX (almost passed).

It seems that you don’t have to google anything like “education in America facts” anymore. With these tips, you will surely create a perfect paper!

Education in America: Remember These Important Pieces of Advice!

When dealing with the description of the existing educational system in the USA, mind the following tips for a splendid education in America essay:

  1. Mention the subjects that most students take up;
  2. Explain the difficulties that the ESL students face in the U. S. schools;
  3. Offer the possible ways to improve the existing educational system;
  4. Comment on the existing grading system and mention its positing and negative aspects.

Well, now you know what to do when you face another education in America topic! Now why don’t you write paper on the education in America?

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