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Art Articles Writing: Discover the Secrets of Ultimate Success!

art-articlesYou are watching the news channel – and here’s a newsflash for you: writing art related articles is fun! In fact, it is a sort of art as well – article art. Just take a look at the tips below and you’ll learn how to make your articles about art truly impeccable. And first…

Art Articles Definition: Remember the Necessary Paper Elements!

… Let’s define what an article about art is.
As a matter of fact, the definition is really simple:
An art article is a paper on a certain issue concerning art, artworks or artists.
Just as simple as that! And this is what art articles for students and other folks should discuss:

  1. The epoch;
  2. The genre;
  3. The key features of the epoch;
  4. The peculiarities of the issue in question;
  5. The critics’ opinion;
  6. Your impressions.

And now, take a look at the variety of art articles!

Art Articles Classification: Learn about Several Different Types

Here are some concrete examples of what you can discuss in your articles:

Objects People Other living things Places and spaces Events
Depict a certain work of art. Tell the audience about a certain artist and his/her life. Offer an analysis of artworks depicting animals and other living things. Pick a specific place in art pictures or where the art images were created. Explain what made a certain artist draw a certain picture.
Issues and themes Media Techniques Print Making Sculpture
Outline the themes of certain artworks. Comment on the role of media in art. Depict various artistic techniques or the one of a certain artwork. Explain what print making is and give some examples. Depict a certain sculpture and express your ideas about it.
Architecture Visual design Style Process Abstract
Pick a historic monument or building to analyze. Explain the principles of visual design and give examples of concrete uses. Briefly present existing styles or pick one to discuss in detail. Enumerate the peculiarities of the artistic process. Explain where the abstract art stems from and offer examples of abstract art.
Abstracted Conceptual Representational Realistic Naturalistic
Present and discuss the difference between abstract and abstracted art. Explain the difference between concept art and conceptual art. Mention why representational art cannot be realistic. Dwell on the simple charm of realistic art. Mention that the message of naturalists is to reconcile with Mother Nature.

article-artRemember – these are only cool suggestions for your paper topic. . Use your imagination – and you’ll come up with your own brilliant ideas!

Art Articles Recommendations: Create the Best Papers Possible!

Whenever dealing with all sorts of articles about art, keep in mind these simple pieces of advice – and you’ll always remain on top!

  1. Choose the art object you want to write about from those found in art galleries;
  2. Describe the color palette of the artwork;
  3. Think of what the shapes of the artwork are supposed to mean;
  4. Depict the specifics of the lines used;
  5. Explain the meaning of the texture used;
  6. Comment on the manner of the artist;
  7. Dwell on the specifics of the artist’s style;
  8. Mention the influences that inspired the artist;
  9. Recall the history of the artwork;
  10. Explain what meaning the artwork is supposed to have.

Well, now you know almost everything to write an article on art… and here the final piece of advice comes.

Art Articles DO’s and DON’Ts: Choose Only the Right Instructions

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the ultimate collection of DOs and DON’Ts for art related articles!

  • Describe your impressions and comment on the different elements of the artwork;
  • Use professional terms and notions while depicting a certain element of the artwork;
  • Provide a solid theoretical framework for your article.


  • State that you dislike the picture without offering actual grounds for your antipathy;
  • Use jargon and abusive terms when evaluating the picture, or colloquial expressions;
  • Neglect the theory and rely solely on your impressions about the given artwork.

With these tips, you’ll create fantastic articles on art and get an excellent grade. So what are you waiting for? Get down to writing!

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