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Psychology Research Topics: A List of Top 30 Amazing Ideas

psychology-topicLooking for a captivating psychology research topic? Indeed, this choice is not an easy one. Some topics sound too complicated, while others make you sleepy. If you search for manageable but captivating Psychology topics, this list of top 30 amazing ideas is for you.
Psychology research topics: cyberspace psychology

  1. Are modern students addicted to Facebook and Twitter? Can this pathological devotion be hazardous?
  2. Do people who like each other online produce a positive impression on each other when coming face to face?
  3. Online dating versus real-world relationship.
  4. The association between self-presentation in online profiles and users’ self-esteem.
  5. The relationship between internet use and physical activity.

Psychology research topics: emotional intelligence

  1. A smile a day keeps the troubles away.
  2. Can a positive mood be helpful for solving problems more effectively?
  3. The hazards and benefits of anger control.
  4. Best stress-coping strategies for college students.
  5. Main causes of emotional eating before examination.

Psychology research topics: learning abilities

  1. Brain training games and academic achievements.
  2. The effects of chewing gum on mood and cognitive abilities.
  3. The effects of caffeine intake on students’ attention.
  4. The relationship between students’ self-esteem and grades.
  5. The use of educational computer games and students’ motivation.

psychology-research-topicPsychology research topics: disorders and phobias

  1. Anorexia and underlying psychological factors.
  2. Public speaking fear and social phobia in college students.
  3. Symptoms of anxiety disorder in boys and girls.
  4. Risk-seeking behaviors in individuals with bipolar disorder.
  5. The effects of having an autistic brother (sister).

Psychology research topics: violence and aggression

  1. Main causes of online bullying.
  2. Consequences of being a hate crime victim.
  3. The relationship between parents’ use of corporal punishment and children’s aggression at school.
  4. The effects of television viewing on children’s violent behavior.
  5. The association between internet addiction and aggressive behaviors.

Psychology research topics: interpersonal relationships

  1. Classroom emotional climate and students’ motivation.
  2. Responses to emotional abuse in boys and girls.
  3. Are men more afraid of relationship commitment than women?
  4. The perceived importance of appearance in relationships.
  5. Can humor save a relationship?

This list of top 30 research topics on Psychology will become the secret of your academic success. Work on your papers with pleasure and receive excellent grades for them, selecting psychology research paper topics from this article.

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