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Writing Exercises: 25 Best Activities for Bright Students

writing-exercisesDo you feel that your writing skills could be improved? Actually, the sky is the limit when it comes to polishing your writing style. The more writing activities you complete, the better your writing skills will become. Here are some effective writing exercises that will become wonderful opportunities of writing practice so that you can develop your talents and have fun at the same time.

Writing exercises: literature

  1. Imagine what will happen if two characters from different books meet and have a conflict of interests (E.g. Harry Potter meets Jane Eyre, Hamlet meets Sherlock Holmes, or your variant.)
  2. Choose a story and try to change its logical structure by telling the final episode first and then telling the rest of the plot.
  3. Try to create a fictional character (a hero or an antihero) and list at least 15 of his/her characteristics.
  4. Write a diary of your favorite (least favorite) fictional character.
  5. Write a story about an event in the world of animals.


Writing exercises: interesting techniques


  1. Writer’s tennis. Take turns with somebody when writing paragraphs of one story. For example, you might write the introduction, and your friend can write the first paragraph of a story.
  2. Snowball. Write a story with your friends, taking turns. You may write one sentence or even one word at a time.
  3. Avoidance. Try to write a story, not using certain words or letters in it. For example, write a story not using the words “there” and “way” or not using words that contain the letter “e”.
  4. Restriction. Choose certain restrictions and write a story, complying with them. For instance, you could write a story of 500 words sharp, a story consisting of 10 sentences, or any other variants.
  5. Lottery. Open a dictionary, choose a random word and write a story using this word minimum 5 times.


Writing exercises: timer games


  1. Set on a timer and write a short story with an unexpected ending, finishing it in 15 minutes.
  2. Choose one inanimate object in the room and write about it for ten minutes, without actually naming it.
  3. For 10 minutes, try to write as many sentences, starting with the word “there”, as you can.
  4. For 15 minutes, try to write convincing arguments on why a person should learn Chinese.
  5. For 15 minutes, try to write as many sentences ending with the word “silent”, as you can (try to use different sentence structures).


Writing exercises: switch on your imagination


  1. Write an advertisement for your copy book.
  2. Use a line from your favorite song as the title for a short story (make certain you choose a decent song).
  3. Write the autobiography of a cactus.
  4. Write a dialogue between a computer mouse and a keyboard, arguing which of them is more important.
  5. Prepare a script for a movie (melodrama, comedy, thriller etc.)


Writing exercises: journalism


  1. Write a news report about one college event.
  2. Pretend you are a sports commentator and describe the situation in the classroom during a lesson.
  3. Write an interview with one of your classmates as if he/she were a celebrity.
  4. Write an investigation of one college case, unearth facts and explain the consequences (E.g. you may investigate why one student has got a bad mark for an essay.)
  5. Try to write an episode from a talk show discussing students’ and teachers’ position on criteria of marking papers.

As you see, there are plenty of writing exercises you could try. Just choose any writing exercise from the list above and develop your writing skills. These exercises for writing will not bore you at all. You may use these writing prompts and writing strategies alone or with your friends if you want to improve your writing style or just for fun.

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