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How to Conclude an Essay: Constructing a Truly Triumphant Ending

how-to-conclude-an-essayDo you know the difference between a good writer and a perfect one? A good writer knows how to start, and a perfect one knows where to stop. Do you want to become a real pro? Then let’s deal with all the how-to essay conclusion guidelines and learn to write a conclusion for an essay!

How to Conclude an Essay Effectively: Learn to Impress Instantly

To understand how to write a conclusion, remember the elements the latter is made of:

  • the transition to the conclusion;
  • the research results;
  • the rationale for writing;
  • the prospects of further research;
  • the call for awareness.
  • Before you start writing a conclusion, check the variety of essay endings and pick the one you need!


How to Conclude an Essay Brilliantly: Check Some Great Examples!

Conclusion type

Features An example of an essay conclusion
  • used in narrative essays;
  • displays a chronological order;
  • comes in the last paragraph.
Now that I am currently studying arts, I believe that I can continue learning about culture development. However, I will have also to study history, which, I believe, will be a completely new experience. Anyway, I think that learning about the vision of other people will be a truly priceless experience.
  • used in narrative essays;
  • displays a chronological order;
  • used as a “hindsight” element.
Three years ago, I would have hardly believed that I would ever choose to study languages; as it turned out, ideas and ambitions change indeed considerably as time passes by, and the change of my world picture is a striking example of this phenomenon.
  • displays a chronological order;
  • used as a ”hindsight” element;
  • makes use of broader ideas.
As it can be seen from the examples offered above, racial problems are quite topical even in the modern world, which means that discrimination issues should have been handled more considerably. However, if certain actions are undertaken, the dreadful consequences of discrimination can be avoided.
  • used in a research paper/expository essay/narrative essay;
  • demands suggesting a better outcome in certain circumstances;
  • gives grounds for further research.
According to the results of the case study analysis, there is still a considerable gap between most family members in the modern society, which calls for additional research on the possible solutions to the given situation. In addition, it is extremely essential to identify the means for problem solving in families with step parents and foster parents. Once the way to solve people’s family complex issues is found, one is likely to see the situation improve.


How to Conclude an Essay: Achieve an Incredibly Stunning Success

conclude-an-essayActually, the conclusion depends much on the type of the essay. However, there are many common features of all essay conclusions. So why waste time – let’s see a sample of essay conclusion from real experts!
An Example of an Essay Conclusion
The transition
Given that people continue to pollute the atmosphere and the environment, consuming the goods that pose a threat to world safety,
The key results
The world will be most likely facing another threat of contamination in the next few decades. However, with the help of modern technologies, the danger can be avoided.
The rationale
Since modern politics of the economical world are aimed at gaining higher revenues rather than minimizing the effect of industry on Earth, the situation seems rather threatening.
The prospects
Therefore, people will be able to overcome these complex issues only with the help of a specific strategy. For instance, by developing environment-friendly vehicles, people will be able to save the planet.
The call for awareness
Therefore, to save the planet and the world’s population, people have to admit the problem and make sure that everyone knows concrete ways to sustain the environment. Humankind owes everything to nature, and it is time to pay the debt.
Once you know how to write conclusion elements, you can create papers that truly rock!

How to Conclude an Essay. Crossing the Finishing Line: Remember.

You’re almost there! To polish your new skills and create a perfect conclusion to essay writing, check these tips:

  1. Make a smooth transition from the discussion of the results to the conclusion;
  2. Summarize the results of the research and comment them;
  3. Restate the thesis and mention the importance of the problem;
  4. Outline prospects for further research and any solutions proposed;
  5. Galvanize the audience into action! Make people take measures.

Writing conclusion paragraphs is fun and exciting when you know the secret of a perfect conclusion for essay papers. Follow the experts’ tips, and you’ll create a fantastic paper!

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