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Education Coursework Ideas – A Focus on Educational Issues

While writing an education coursework paper, students may face some difficulties. In general, education courseworks refer to all educational subjects and studies, so a choice of topics is significant. However, most of education courseworks are dedicated to education-related issues. Therefore, students may find it hard to choose a proper topic and to develop the idea since courseworks on education require overview of the subject in general, its analysis, and improvement suggestions or evidence of its efficiency. There are some ideas that may be helpful in writing an education coursework.

Top Seven Ideas for Creating a Coursework on Education:

  1. Classroom Management. An encouraging learning atmosphere is one of the key factors of advancement in studies; thus, teachers should pay attention to classroom organization. Visual demonstrations, music, color scheme, motion activities, etc. refer to efficient classroom management.
  2. Curriculum. Most part of the curriculum is developed by the correspondent government ministry. One may explain what fundamental subjects should be included and which of them may be skipped; remember to provide an explanation. Making curriculum adaptive and interesting for a particular group of students depends on the teacher. What qualities should a teacher have to ensure students’ progress?
  3. Educational Obstacles in Africa. Educational system in Africa differs significantly; most of the reasons are – lack of funding, teaching staff, and facilities. The causes produced are absence of necessary technology, low intelligent levels, little number of college graduates.
  4. Academic Honesty. Since academic institutions are a part of bureaucratic system of the government, they may experience the same problems – bribes, subjective attitude, encouragement of particular students, indulgence to family members or friends, etc. One should investigate these issues in the contemporary educational system.
  5. Literacy. It is one of the fundamental knowledge to be acquired in the elementary school. This kind of education courseworks should study the relevance of early literacy development and obstacles it may face. It is also essential to mention the role of the teacher and home background in this process.
  6. Equal Access. Racial discrimination has been left in the past; however, it is reasonable to investigate this issue in the context of education. Many studies provide real percentages of white and non-white students and their levels of advancement.
  7. Children with Special Need. This education coursework concerns individual approaches to teaching and a number of regulations and acts ensuring equal access to mainstream schools for such children.
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