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Art Coursework Topics – A Variety of Alternatives to Choose from

When one is assigned with writing an art coursework, he/she may face a difficulty with choosing a topic for the paper. The ideas for art coursework can be found through reviewing course textbooks and topics studied. Art courseworks are not only written to investigate the problem, but also to express writer’s attitude and suggestions to the issue. Therefore, the art topic of the coursework should be interesting or important for the writer. It is also considerable for the writer to look through art magazines and newspapers and to watch art-oriented TV channels to find a proper topic for the paper. The list below is created to assist student in choosing topics for their art courseworks.
30 Best Topics to Write Good Courseworks on Art:

  1. Leonardo da Vinci’s Contributions to Art, Science, and Human Development
  2. Artistic Vision and Mental Pathology of Van Gogh
  3. Gothic Art
  4. Pop Art: A Contemporary Art Movement
  5. Expressionist and Abstract Expressionism
  6. Roman Art
  7. Three Major Art Functions
  8. Art Criticism
  9. Art and Architecture; Their Role in Society
  10. Photography as a Form of Art
  11. Japanese Art: The Role of Origins
  12. A Comparative Study of Picasso and Beckmann
  13. Islam and Computer Art
  14. Comparison of Two Paintings
  15. Art History: Ancient Cave Paintings and Art Evolution
  16. Art Aesthetics
  17. Art Deco: The Influence of Great Change Period
  18. Art and Culture: The Influence of Social Culture in the 20th Century
  19. Michelangelo’s Art Genius
  20. Famous Art Works
  21. Political Issues in Art
  22. Architecture and Design
  23. Claude Monet and Impressionism in Water Lilies
  24. The Influence of Industrialism on the Modern Art
  25. Art Renaissance
  26. Graphic Arts
  27. Public Art
  28. The Interaction between Art and Technology
  29. Neo-Classicism after World War I
  30. Art Styles

To conclude, the importance of the topic chosen for an art coursework is considerable since it is likely to ensure the success of the paper. The topic should be interesting for the writer and relevant for the reader. Therefore, it is essential to study the entire scope of possible topics for art courseworks to choose the right one.

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