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Drama Dissertations: One Set of Rules for Four Departments

There are four drama dissertations` volumes to choose between, when writing drama dissertations. They are:

  1. Undergraduate drama dissertations which is max. 10,000 words long
  2. MA drama dissertations which is max. 15,000 words long
  3. M.Phil drama dissertations which is max. 60,000 words long
  4. Ph.D drama dissertations which is max. 1000,000 words long

For all these kinds of drama dissertations there are only two main rules:

  • There is a maximum limit for the word length of the text but you do not need to write up to this point. You can shorten your drama dissertations because there is still a minimum limit.
  • If you are too worried about the length of your drama dissertations you should at first think about the theme of your dissertation. It should be interesting and full and then you can make good drama dissertations from this.

Main points on the drama dissertations’ style:
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Digital Dissertation: Investigating the Modern Technologies

The life in the modern world is with no doubt very dynamic. Everything is changing quickly, and people seem to have got accustomed to such rhythm. The changes are evident in the world of technologies: every day the newer and newer gadgets appear. That is why digital dissertations are becoming more and more popular.
Indeed, digital dissertations offer a range of topics and ideas for development. One can discuss different inventions, their application, peculiarities, etc. in his/her digital dissertation. In fact, choosing one direction can even be problematic for this kind of paper. That is why we offer several options for digital dissertation writing:

  1. Historical approach. One of the possible approaches to use in one’s digital dissertation is the historical one. It allows the author investigate the history of development of the new technologies, and compare them to the ones used before. As far as the digital technologies develop very quickly, it can be enough to cover one last century in a digital dissertation.
  2. Gadgets. The practical use of digital schemes is the widest topic to discuss. You can devote your digital dissertation to the gadgets that are most often used nowadays.
  3. Digital market. One of the topics for a digital dissertation is the world digital market. One can compare the existing companies, their prices, popularity, quality, etc. An investigation can be made on the level of a country, a continent, or of the whole planet.

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Dissertation Design: Guidelines to Create a Winning Dissertation

Dissertations usually have a lot of common features. However, depending on the requirements to a student, they may vary in format, structure, and so on. On the other hand, there exists the most widespread dissertation design that unites al the requirements.
A general dissertation design dwells on the peculiarities of various formats and styles of dissertation writing. This article provides important aspects of dissertation design students should pay attention to when assigned with such kinds of writing.
Dissertation Design: Guidelines for Students
The following tips are not a must. A student may be requested to create dissertation design that differs from usual design. However, these guidelines dwell on the most common, general aspects of dissertation design. So, a student may either use them or slightly adjust to the requirements of the teacher.
The first thing a student should pay attention to when creating dissertation design is the structure of the paper.
As a rule, it comprises the following parts:

  • Title;
  • Synopsis;
  • Outline;
  • Introduction;
  • Literature review and methods observation;
  • Main part: analysis, discussion, results;
  • Conclusion;
  • References;
  • Appendices.

The next thing to consider is formatting. Here a student should first pay attention to the font selection. It is necessary to make a dissertation not only be informative but look like an academic writing. It should not be just a set of paragraphs. The font should be simple and easily readable. It is advisable to use Arial, 12.
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Dissertation Coaching: What a Dissertation Writer Can Expect

What is the most important and challenging for both a sportsman and a student who writes a dissertation? It is crossing the finish line. That is why they both need a coach. This article describes the essence and the advantages of cooperation with services providing dissertation coaching.
Does Dissertation Coaching Help
The main evidence that dissertation coaching is effective is the growing number of the dissertation coaching services and of the orders made to them. Many students have already appreciated the help dissertation coaching services provide.
The specialists working for dissertation coaching services have huge knowledge in both dissertation writing and coaching. Not only do they know how a dissertation should look like and what it should be about, they can help you at any stage of your work on the dissertation.
You can visit the sites of dissertation coaching services and read the customers’ feedback. The grateful clients explain what problems they faced and how dissertation coaching helped them.
What Dissertation Coaching Can
It will be not an overstatement to say that dissertation coaching services can help you to solve ANY problem you face when working on your dissertation. Here are just the examples of the issues they can help with:

  • choosing and narrowing the topic
  • formulating the statement of the problem and the hypotheses
  • finding the literature
  • developing the methodology
  • goal setting
  • increasing motivation
  • managing time
  • writing a dissertation proposal
  • communication with the advisor and the committee
  • preparing to the defense meeting

However, this is not the complete list. If you have some other problem, do not hesitate to contact a dissertation coaching service: you are certainly not the only person who faces this problem, and the dissertation coaches know what to do.
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Dissertation Abstracts: Must-know Tips and Guidelines to Write

Dissertation abstract is the brief synopsis of the dissertation research results. By reading the abstract, a student can determine whether a full version of the dissertation listed in the dissertation library will be useful for his/her research or dissertation.
Dissertation abstracts help the readers to get an idea of the dissertation without the need to going through the entire dissertation. Moreover, dissertation abstracts are published in journals and online databases. Hence, it is important to write the dissertation abstracts carefully. The following tips help students to write better dissertation abstracts.
Dissertation abstracts: Simple guidelines
Students must consider the following tips when writing dissertation abstracts. In addition they can get the guidance from their dissertation advisor regarding this.
Length of the abstract must not exceed the recommended number of words. In brief, the abstract must be the research result synopsis of length recommended by the professor or the university. The content of the abstract must be clear including all the important points of the complete dissertation. Students must avoid discussing anything that is indirectly related to the dissertation.
It must include only points that are directly relevant to the dissertation. It must include proper key terms about the research so that the researches can easily understand the scope of the research. The quality of the abstract must be good with clear, concise, and grammatical error-free & language error-free contents.
Dissertation abstracts: Four points to consider
When writing dissertation abstract, students must ensure to:
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Dissertation in Computer Science: Excellent Help for Students

Dissertations in Computer Science are assignments about aspects related to computer science field. Students can get many wide choices of topic ideas for dissertations in computer science. Dissertation in Computer Science is interesting to write about if students are curious on computer science field. This article helps students in writing high quality and effective dissertation in Computer Science.
Dissertation in Computer Science: Effective topic ideas
Students must choose an effective topic for dissertation in computer Science. Some effective topic ideas are as follows:

  1. Topics related to emergence and growth of IT.
  2. Topics related to software requirement guidelines.
  3. Topics related to multimedia databases.
  4. Topics related to OpenDNS’s web filtering.
  5. Topics related to Mac/Windows Client Deployment.
  6. Topics related to software development and its risks management.

Dissertation in Computer Science: Excellent tips
The following tips can be used for writing effective dissertation:

  1. Analyze and scrutinize the decided topic thoroughly and carefully.
  2. Students must put their complete dedication in order to write effective dissertations related to computer science.
  3. The dissertation must include useful information and correct details related to the computer science topic.

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Dissertation on Marketing: Evaluating Benefits of New Techniques

Motivation for writing a dissertation on marketing
Demand is said to determine supply. Still, marketers and public relations specialists are known to manipulate factors having impact on popularity of these or those brands. Dissertation on marketing presupposes a historical research of development of these relatively new techniques.
Researchers might find brilliant examples of manipulating the public opinion and work out strategies for implementing the same principles in practice of concrete companies. Working on a dissertation on marketing, a person should pay attention to the implication part of one’s paper.
Public relations and spin techniques can work miracles, having a significant impact on customers’ views and habits. Working on one’s dissertation on marketing, a researcher might shed light upon the moral aspect of manipulating the public opinion. Advertizing is considered to be the engine of commerce.
For this reason, most companies try to go with the times and implement the latest achievements in the sphere. Dissertation on marketing may be focused on data of a concrete company and research of the opportunities for enhancing its competitiveness or penetration of new market sectors.
Useful hints for writing a dissertation on marketing
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Sample Dissertations: The Importance of Having and Studying Them

Writing an excellent dissertation is a difficult task which requires extensive research, varied reading and most importantly, presentation of your ideas, research and analysis in a coherent and systematic style. Depending on your academic specialty, the dissertation you write needs to meet a standard criteria set by the faculty. Sample dissertations are a brilliant way of understanding the basic requirements of your dissertation as well as the requisite order that your information should be presented.
As mentioned earlier, writing a dissertation is a complex and lengthy process which demands a lot of time and effort from the student. In order to impress your professor and earn outstanding grades, you need to circumvent some of the hurdles posed by the dissertation writing process with the help of sample dissertations. The essential benefit of having sample dissertations is that they offer a variety of models for you to learn from prior to and during your dissertation writing process.
To begin with, sample dissertations proffer the hierarchical order in which your material should be presented, an important factor used when grading dissertations. Sample dissertations also provide the modes of data collection during your research process, and comparing different sample dissertations will help you decide on an amicable data collection method. In addition, analysis of the collected data is vital to support your hypothesis hence studying sample dissertations helps you identify the most suitable method of analyzing data.
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Politics Dissertations: An Extensive Discussion

Politics dissertations are the ones that are widely understood and written. However, quality politics dissertations are always popular and authors strive to write one. This is because, the politics dissertations range from local to international issues.
There are also politics dissertations about domestic issues. A normal opinion about politics dissertations is that they exist in large number. But it is important to have a quality dissertation that stands out of the large group of dissertations. As politics dissertations catches attention of few people, it is suggestible to select the topics that link the local or domestic issues to international politics or issues.
As per the above-mentioned suggestion the selection of topic plays the main role in delivering a quality politics dissertations. After selecting the topic, it is important to link it to international politics or commercial issues to rake up enthusiasm in the readers to read it. Hence, the following points are necessary to remember in writing politics dissertations.

  • Selection of topic is important in politics dissertations as politics range from local, domestic and international arena.
  • The author should have enough knowledge about commercial and international issues as the linking of local and domestic issues to them is necessary.
  • After linking the local or a domestic issue to international or commercial aspect, it is important to have enough sources regarding the link to review and discuss.
  • Hence, it is important to search for the sources for politics dissertations before linking local or domestic topic to commercial or international issue.

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Dissertation Binding: Form vs. Content

dissertation binding“Good clothes open all doors”, says one famous proverb. And we have to admit the wisdom of our predecessors. The first impression really matters.
So, you have finished writing your dissertation – the most serious and important project in your academic life – and now it is time to think about dissertation binding. This is why our today’s topic is dissertation binding.
For centuries to come…
The main purpose of dissertation binding is to protect your project (you have worked so hard on) from any possible harm — at least this was the purpose of dissertation binding in classical times. Nowadays, it is also a requirement you have to meet.
Dissertation binding rules
In our times, dissertation binding pursues several goals.

  1. First of all, it is an obligatory requirement you cannot ignore.
  2. Second, hard cover contains some pockets for CD’s, additional materials, photos, etc. – so without proper dissertation binding your paper will be inconsistent.
  3. Third, it is convenient for the reader to read and use bounded projects.

There are several major rules of dissertation binding that you should be aware of:

  • Usually, there are no restrictions on paper size, but optimal is A4. Dissertation binding in the form of a massive tome would be quite extravagant.
  • 100gsm paper is best for reading purposes. You do not want your dissertation to weight like several bricks, do you?
  • The maximum number of pages in one volume is 400, but it is advised to split such papers into two volumes.
  • Use 3cm margins for the spine edge of pages and 2cm for other edges.
  • Print photographs on the sheets of the same size.
  • It is recommended to use acid-free paper to avoid paper corrosion.
  • Different companies use different ways of dissertation binding. So, find such company that can satisfy the requirements for dissertation binding set by your particular institution.

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