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Examples of Active Voice: Learn the Very Mechanisms of Grammar!

It’s grammar Time!
Actually, in terms of grammar, English is the easiest language to learn. That is, it would have been, if it wasn’t for that Active and Passive Voice thing… Well, it looks like you could use some examples of Active Voice!

Examples of Active Voice: Remember Your Pattern to Follow!

Dig a bit deeper into active voice examples, and you’ll see there’s really nothing to it. All you need is to see on a couple of verbs in sentences. First of all, let’s take an example of a verb and see its active voice forms:

”To Fly”: Active Voice:

Simple Continuous Perfect Perfect Continuous
Present I fly. I am flying. I have flown. I have been flying.
Past I flew. I was flying. I had flown. I had been flying.
Future I will fly. I will be flying. I will have flown. I will have been flying.
Future in the Past I would fly. I would be flying. I would have flown. I would have been flying.


Examples of Active Voice and Examples of Passive Voice: Check!

Active Voice, Passive Voice – those two are completely inseparable, like twins. That’s why, to learn about the first, you’ll have to find out something about the second, as well. So make sure you’re familiar with the Passive Voice :
Rules and Examples of Active and Passive Voice Use

  • Active Voice says who does stuff, while Passive Voice emphasizes what was impacted:
  • He retells every unfunny joke in this movie.
    Every unfunny joke in this movie is retold by him.

  • Unlike Passive Voice, Active Voice is preferred in spoken language:
  • I sent you the letter last Friday. (spoken)
    The letter was sent to you last Friday. (written)

  • Passive Voice uses “with” for inanimate objects and “by” for animate ones to indicate the doer:
  • The wooden toy was carved by John.
    The wooden toy was carved with a knife.
    You can’t use the Passive Voice form of the verb in any of thePerfect Continuous Tenses:
    This guy has been watching me all day long. – I was being/have been watched by this guy all day long.
    You can’t use a Passive Voice form of the verb in Future Continuous Tense:
    She will be dealing with this business next month. – This business will be dealt with next month.

To be more specific, any form of Passive Voice actually makes you look at the situation from a different perspective – the one of the thing being affected, while any form of Active Voice makes you see the world from the perspective of the doer. Passive Voice is possible only for transitive verbs. And remember – having a direct object is the only thing what makes verbs transitive!
E.g., The policeman saw him. – He was seen by the policeman.

Examples of Active Voice and the Verb “to Be”: Important Notes

When there’s a verb “to be”, it’s always hard to tell the Active and Passive Voices apart. That’s why, along with the examples of Active, Passive Voice, samples will also play a great role in understanding the correct use:
Examples of Passive and Active Voice Using the Verb “to Be”:
In the Active Voice, “to be” rules are easy – you use this verb only to make Continuous and Perfect Continuous Tenses:

Continuous Be (am, is, are, was, were) + …ing You were watching that stupid show all day.
Perfect Continuous Have (has, had) been + …ed He has been considered the greatest actor.

When it comes to the real use of “To be,” Passive Voice is always there – like a notional verb in Active Voice:

Indefinite Is (am, are, was, were) + Past Participle The door was opened.
Continuous Is (am, are, was, were) +being + Past Participle The movie was being shown.
Perfect Have (has, had) + been + Past Participle The lesson has been learned.

All in all, the Passive Voice form is just a variety of the many forms of verb “to be”.
So, as you can see, the whole Active – Passive thing is really clear and orderly in English. All you need is to get the form of verb “to be” right.

Examples of Active Voice: Check Recommendations from Experts

Well, you’ve got the idea – all that you need now is a lot of practice! So, you need another set of examples in both voices:

Examples of Active Voice sentences Examples of Passive Voice sentences
I washed the dishes. The box was opened.
The cat is sitting in the grass. The house is being built.
The show has ended. The fire has been lit.
He has been waiting for you. The vase has been broken.


Examples of Active Voice: Useful and Fun Exercises – Check Now!

Examples of Active Voice and Passive Voice: Active and Passive Voice exercises

Active: name three things… Passive: Insert one missing word
  • That you do regularly.
  • That you did last Tuesday.
  • That you will never do.
  • That you are doing now.
  • That you were doing yesterday.
  • That you will be doing 7 years from now.
  • That you have never done.
  • That you had done before you went to bed yesterday.
  • That you will have done by 2013.
  • That you have been doing for the past few days.
  • That you had been doing before you went to school;
  • That you will have been doing 10 years from now.
  1. The song ________ sung by Madonna.
  2. The shop ________ closed yesterday.
  3. The exhibition will ________ opened tomorrow.
  4. The spy was ________ pursued.
  5. The house ________ being fixed at the moment.
  6. The glass has ________ broken.
  7. The novel ________ been written before the short story.
  8. The task will have ________ done by tomorrow.

Congratulations – now you’re fully equipped to deal with anything regarding the Active Voice. So start your quest into English grammar!

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How to Conclude an Essay: Constructing a Truly Triumphant Ending

how-to-conclude-an-essayDo you know the difference between a good writer and a perfect one? A good writer knows how to start, and a perfect one knows where to stop. Do you want to become a real pro? Then let’s deal with all the how-to essay conclusion guidelines and learn to write a conclusion for an essay!

How to Conclude an Essay Effectively: Learn to Impress Instantly

To understand how to write a conclusion, remember the elements the latter is made of:

  • the transition to the conclusion;
  • the research results;
  • the rationale for writing;
  • the prospects of further research;
  • the call for awareness.
  • Before you start writing a conclusion, check the variety of essay endings and pick the one you need!


How to Conclude an Essay Brilliantly: Check Some Great Examples!

Conclusion type

Features An example of an essay conclusion
  • used in narrative essays;
  • displays a chronological order;
  • comes in the last paragraph.
Now that I am currently studying arts, I believe that I can continue learning about culture development. However, I will have also to study history, which, I believe, will be a completely new experience. Anyway, I think that learning about the vision of other people will be a truly priceless experience.
  • used in narrative essays;
  • displays a chronological order;
  • used as a “hindsight” element.
Three years ago, I would have hardly believed that I would ever choose to study languages; as it turned out, ideas and ambitions change indeed considerably as time passes by, and the change of my world picture is a striking example of this phenomenon.
  • displays a chronological order;
  • used as a ”hindsight” element;
  • makes use of broader ideas.
As it can be seen from the examples offered above, racial problems are quite topical even in the modern world, which means that discrimination issues should have been handled more considerably. However, if certain actions are undertaken, the dreadful consequences of discrimination can be avoided.
  • used in a research paper/expository essay/narrative essay;
  • demands suggesting a better outcome in certain circumstances;
  • gives grounds for further research.
According to the results of the case study analysis, there is still a considerable gap between most family members in the modern society, which calls for additional research on the possible solutions to the given situation. In addition, it is extremely essential to identify the means for problem solving in families with step parents and foster parents. Once the way to solve people’s family complex issues is found, one is likely to see the situation improve.

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Education in America: Detailed Information and Cool Essay Ideas!

education-system-in-AmericaWell, it seems that the Big Day has come. You’re about to write a paper about the education system in America. And here you’ll learn the best way to do it.

Education in America: the Definition of the Peculiar Phenomenon.

“What is education?” is the question that would open a chart of top 100 most popular questions among students. Indeed, what is the whole thing about?
Well, it’s your time to find out that education is the means to pass the habits and aims from one generation to another.
Now you know how to handle your education in America essay like a real pro! Now let’s get down to some real business.

Education in America. Find out Its Essence and Peculiarities Now

When dealing with a college education in America or anything of the kind, keep in mind these details:

  1. University is sometimes called college in the USA;
  2. There are two-semester and four-quarter system of curriculum in the USA;
  3. In the USA high schools, working students make nearly 24%;
  4. Remedial courses are a must for the students who want to succeed;
  5. High-education bubble is ready to burst: not everyone needs college/university experience.

Are you ready to pass to the next stage? Then let’s go!

Education in America: Classification and Colorful Descriptions.

There are several things you need to know about education systems in America. Let’s start from the very beginning.
Well, you’re three. And you go straight to kindergarten and nursery… to enter a university or high school:
USA Educational System

Nursery Schools:
Research the early development programs (Age:4-5)

  • Create new learning games;
  • Teach children nursery rhymes.

Elementary/Primary Schools

  • Develop students’ logics;
  • Create activities that stimulate imagination.
Middle School

  • Try to avoid the traditional 5-paragraph structure of writing.

Grades 5-8

  • Acquire specific skills for professional training.

4-Year High Schools

  • Describe the difficulties that students face in high school;
  • Offer statistical data on the issue.
Junior High School

  • Broaden the horizons of your knowledge.

Senior High School

  • Learn professional skills.

em>Combined Junior-Senior High Schools

  • Combine several theories;
  • Offer thorough analysis
Vocational Technical Institutions:

  • Develop your own approach to the problem;
  • Consider the issues of your specialization

Junior or Community Colleges:

  • Research a new issue in the chosen field;
  • Offer a new solution for the given problem

Undergraduate Programs:

  • Focus on interdisciplinary issues;
  • Provide several viewpoints on the issue.
Master’s Degree Studies:

  • Conduct a vast literature research;
  • Offer concise list of research results.
Professional Schools:

  • Pick a specific issue;
  • Consider it from various angles.
Doctoral Studies:

  • Offer an innovative approach;
  • Combine theory and practice.
Postdoctoral Study and Research:

  • Pick a relatively new issue to explore;
  • Base your research on solid theory.

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Proposal Essay Topics: 25 Most Topical Research Questions

essay-on-poem-analysisDo you still spend hours looking for fresh proposal essay ideas? In fact, the need to dig up a topical problem can raise your stress level. Stop torturing yourself and check this list of 25 freshest and most provoking proposal essay questions, which will make your proposal essay just perfect.

Proposal Essay Topics: Culture


  1. What can be done about the decline of morality in media? Should superheroes kill their enemies in Hollywood movies?
  2. Should Americans use only politically correct and gender-neutral terms?
  3. What should be done to throw away throwaway lifestyles?
  4. Should people buy so many things using credit? What can be done about the culture of debt?
  5. Bread and circus culture versus traditional family values.


Proposal Essay Topics: Law


  1. Should animal exploitation by meat and dairy industries be banned or just regulated? Is veganism the only way to protect animal rights?
  2. Should dog bite laws be breed specific? For instance, should pit bulls be banned, or is it like racial discrimination and more attention should be paid to the education of dog owners instead?
  3. Should all prisoners have voting rights or only individuals on probation and those who have already served their sentences?
  4. Should health care workers be obliged to treat homosexual individuals even feeling that it will require compromising their religious beliefs?
  5. Does espionage law violate free speech? Is it unconstitutional? Can it be improved or banned?


Proposal Essay Topics: Health Care


  1. The risks of birth defects are significantly higher in in-tube babies. Should couples adopt children instead of having in-vitro fertilization?
  2. Is therapeutic cloning (transplanting cloned tissues) for treating incurable diseases unethical? Should doctors offer their patients the risks of therapeutic cloning even though they cannot fully control cloned tissues?
  3. What if a person is allergic to modern living (particularly, electromagnetic fields)? What is the solution?
  4. Can antidepressant use contribute to suicidal behaviors? Should the use of antidepressants be limited or banned?
  5. Can some people be prohibited from having children?

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Expository Essay Topics: Extraordinary Ideas for Perfect Papers!

expository-essay-topicsExpository Essay Topics: Learn Recommendations That Truly Rock!
“I need some topics for expository essay!” you say. Well, here is another set of expert tips on paper writing!
Welcome to another series of professional pieces of advice! In this episode, you’ll learn the way experts cope with topics for an expository essay. Let’s not waste any time and dive right into the story!
Expository Essay Topics: Create Your Inimitable Writing Strategy
The quest starts with the choice of your strategy. Pick the way in which you want to shed some light on a certain issue:

  • Explanation (identifying the major reasons for something to exist and function);
  • Description (specifying certain details and key features of an object or phenomenon).

And now get ready for the top 30 mind-blowing expository essay topics!
Expository Essay Topics for High School: Remember Those Details
… And now the Best Papers Ever Studio presents the most appropriate topics for students of high school! Take a look at this expository essay topic list:

  1. Interpret Freud’s Theory of a Dream from Your Own Perspective;
  2. Dwell on Your Interest in the Chosen Field;
  3. Explain the Importance of IT in the XXI Century;
  4. Explain the Necessity to Set Clear Goals;
  5. Consider the Prospects and Consequences of Having a Job While in High School;
  6. Dwell on the Tragedy of A Farewell to Arms;
  7. Specify the Characteristics of Effective Leadership.

Now let’s not cut to a commercial, but continue the list of the topics. This time, you’ll see…
Expository Essay Topics for Middle School: Use These Great Ideas
Previously, on the Professional Tips: high school expository essay topics. And now, it’s time for expository essays for middle school:

  1. Explain the Benefit of Speaking and Learning a Second Language;
  2. Depict Three Objects That Symbolize Our Culture;
  3. Consider Orwell’s 1984 as a Dystopia;
  4. Dwell on the Necessity of Affirmative Action;
  5. Describe the Challenges of Policing in XXI Century;
  6. Interpret the Key Idea of Green Marketing;
  7. Explain the Main Causes of World War II.

Don’t switch the channel – you’re in for a bunch of priceless topics for college!
Expository Essay Topics for College: Guide to Incredible Success
Previously, on the Professional Tips: topics for expository essays in middle school. And now, it’s time for college expository essay topics!

  1. Describe the Positive Aspects of Sport Exercises;
  2. Explain What Is Poverty in Your Opinion;
  3. Depict the Current Environmental Dangers the World Faces;
  4. Describe Your Vision of What Loneliness is;
  5. Dwell on the Main Ideas behind Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451;
  6. Explain the Main Problems That Teens Face;
  7. Depict the Way Teenagers Perceive Parents’ Divorce.

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Essays for Primary School: Some Information Children Should Know

Essays for Primary School: What a Child Should Know about It?
First of all a child should realize the necessity of good skills of writing essays for primary school. Essays are such kinds of work which will accompany a child until the last day of his/her education. It is the most common kind of written work children and students are asked to write about at school, college, and university. A child should be ready to spend an hour on writing a proper essay for primary school. If a child does not develop his/her writing skills, further education may become a troublesome thing.
Essays for Primary School: What They Consist of?
Of course, essays for primary school are not so difficult as for college. But still, there are some requirements for them. Essays for primary school have a specific structure. Here are the main elements which should be included into an essay:

  1. The first important element of an essay for primary school is its topic. It should be not only understandable, but also interesting and promising.
  2. Another important element is a clear and understandable thesis statement.
  3. An essay for primary school should include a few introductory and supporting statements.
  4. And, of course, a child should complete his/her essay for primary school with a strong summary.

Essays for Primary School: Topics for This Kind of Work
It is understandable that topics for essays for primary school will be less specific than the ones for high school. Here are some possible topics for such essays:
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Essays on Children: Illuminating the Problem of Generation Gap

Raising topical questions in one’s papers
The problem of generation gap has been discussed since times immemorial. Parents in ancient Greece were as indignant at their children’s behavior as present day parents are. Writing essays on children, learners need to choose an appropriate perspective for making their reasoning as objective as possible.
Writing essays on children from both children’s and adults’ perspectives might be helpful for building bridges between family members. It is always important to take into consideration arguments of the opposite side.
Working on essays on children, learners need to pay attention to peculiarities of representatives of this age group. The main children’s characteristics are their vulnerability and instability. Still, all kids have their personal opinion and their ambitions, and adults need to reckon it.
Working on essays on children, learners might use their personal experience as an adult or describe memories from their childhood. It would make papers more expressive and persuasive.
Useful hints for writing essays on children
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Essays on Patriotism: Inner Consideration or the Fashion

Some people note that human desire to love their native lands is considered to be a fashion, not an inner consideration. It was noticed that people in some countries do not have patriotic feelings to their countries, however, they dwell upon patriotism only because it is in fashion. It is incorrect.
Patriotism is a state of the soul, it cannot be influenced by outside circumstances. If students have a desire to write essays on patriotism, they should express their personal opinion on this problem, they should write what they feel about the point in their essays on patriotism.
It is inadmissible to use any books or the Internet while describing personal feelings to the country students live in, it should come from inside. Here are some topics students may discuss in their essays on patriotism.
Topics for essays on patriotism

  • Students may highlight the problem of the nature of patriotic feelings in their essays on patriotism. It should be stated that this feeling is brought up, not created.
  • Essays on patriotism can focus on the problem of human affection for the land they were born. What is the main reason for this?
  • Students are free to shed light on the problem from the philosophical point of view. Why not? Essays on patriotism may appear to be interesting and innovative.
  • Much research has been conducted in this sphere. Students can take any of the surveys with statistical data and use this information in their essays on patriotism. One should notice that the most patriotic people live in the USA.

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Essay Writing Course: Coaching, Guiding, and Providing Feedbacks

The area of academic writing is one of the basic indicators of the knowledge acquired by students of different specializations and courses. As all students should be able to read and write, this is not a problem for them to write an essay or some other type of academic papers.
However, this simplicity disappears when it comes to practice because problem solving is easy compared to putting theoretical ideas into the paper. Besides, students need some help while getting ready for tests and other kinds of examinations. So, essay writing course is one of the most useful and applicable courses of the academic curriculum.
Different courses have some positive features that can benefit students’ knowledge and experience.
Positive features

  1. You should get involved into the essay writing course in order to improve your writing skills. No matter how skillful you are in writing simple papers, you are likely to demonstrate great progress after finishing essay writing course. Every activity can make your skills more sophisticated, especially the essay writing course.
  2. You can learn about peculiarities of different types of writing during the essay writing course. Differences and similarities of different genres, styles, and types can be learned during the essay writing course.
  3. You can use the skills acquired during the essay writing course in all other courses. If you have good writing skills, you are sure to succeed in the essay writing course.

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Essay About Cell Phones: Interesting Ideas for Discussion

Some people can not imagine their life without contemporary devices that make our existence easier and more comfortable. If you decide to go to a trip, you are sure to take at least one device that has nothing in common with nature and natural environment.
A cell phone became an integral part of millions of people. All generations like to use this device in their everyday life. It is obvious that ordinary written letters have another look than a century ago. Electronic mail is one of the services that facilitate communication between people at work and in informal life. An essay about cell phones can be really captivating if you include certain information that would be interesting to your readers.

  1. The impact of electronic devices and different gadgets on the natural environment can be discussed in an essay about cell phones. Focus on pros and cons of using modern technologies in everyday life and at work in an essay about cell phones.
  2. You can dwell on the influence of radio waves on human health in an essay about cell phones. Emphasize the importance of being healthy while using electronic devices in an essay about cell phones.
  3. Communication with friends and colleagues can be a good topic to be approached in an essay about cell phones. Analyze advantages and disadvantages of personal communication opposed to phone calls in an essay about cell phones.
  4. You can introduce the history of development of this device in your essay about cell phones.

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