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History Research Papers: Can They Fit With Prof’s Politics?

history-research-paperHistory research papers were once fairly straightforward. The student demonstrated that they knew who did what to whom; when and where, and hopefully, why. Now, students must often deconstruct historical documents and events in terms of their hidden meanings, often in accordance with a tacit political ideology.
This transforms research papers in history into a new challenge. Although it sounds manipulative, there is something to be said for reflecting back to the professor the political stance they espouse.
How to give professors the history research papers they want:
In readying oneself for a research paper in history, listen to not only the historical events that the teacher recounts, but the emphasis and tone of their presentation. Try to get clues to the political leanings of the instructor before writing anything. If you can diagnose where their sympathies lie, you can at least acknowledge them, if not suggest agreement with them, in your history research paper.
Lean left:
It is not stereotyping to note the very common political flavor in academia of left-leaning socialism or frank Marxism. For decades, Marx’s dialectical approach to the study of history has underpinned much of historical analysis. The inevitability of class warfare informs everything that these professors observe about the past.
If you wish to produce a history research paper that presses all the right buttons in such a professor’s mind, then you need to make references, however oblique, to Marxism’s prediction of an ineluctable trend towards a proletarian-led state. Even if it is merely in noting that an event showed how much the proletariat was oppressed in a particular setting, you may garner points by demonstrating your comprehension of this world-view.
Lean right:
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Psychology Research Topics: A List of Top 30 Amazing Ideas

psychology-topicLooking for a captivating psychology research topic? Indeed, this choice is not an easy one. Some topics sound too complicated, while others make you sleepy. If you search for manageable but captivating Psychology topics, this list of top 30 amazing ideas is for you.
Psychology research topics: cyberspace psychology

  1. Are modern students addicted to Facebook and Twitter? Can this pathological devotion be hazardous?
  2. Do people who like each other online produce a positive impression on each other when coming face to face?
  3. Online dating versus real-world relationship.
  4. The association between self-presentation in online profiles and users’ self-esteem.
  5. The relationship between internet use and physical activity.

Psychology research topics: emotional intelligence

  1. A smile a day keeps the troubles away.
  2. Can a positive mood be helpful for solving problems more effectively?
  3. The hazards and benefits of anger control.
  4. Best stress-coping strategies for college students.
  5. Main causes of emotional eating before examination.

Psychology research topics: learning abilities

  1. Brain training games and academic achievements.
  2. The effects of chewing gum on mood and cognitive abilities.
  3. The effects of caffeine intake on students’ attention.
  4. The relationship between students’ self-esteem and grades.
  5. The use of educational computer games and students’ motivation.

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Research Papers on Accounting Analyze Real World Firms’ Problems

Research papers on accounting offer wonderful chances to research companies in which you have a personal or professional interest. Use all the techniques and concepts you have absorbed in your course to analyze a real world issue. If you pick a topic that gets your intellectual juices flowing, the task of assembling an accounting research paper will be easier, more fun, and could even land you a networking interview.
Research papers on accounting torn from the pages of the daily business news:
If you read the following with this in mind, you will find something into which to sink your accounting teeth:

  • The Wall Street Journal,
  • The Economist,
  • The Financial Times,
  • or the business sections of The New York Times,

Look for stories that suggest:

  • managerial misstep (e.g., Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper empire),
  • environmental challenge (British Petroleum’s oil leak)
  • New problems, such as accounting for donations by the Occupy Wall Street protest movement (

Ask yourself:

  1. How to account for a management mistake?
  2. How to set aside for a disaster?
  3. How to deal with unprecedented issue?

Write a research paper analyzing accounting decisions in a company that interests you personally. What do you, yourself, use or consume? This is industry, product, brand. Research publicly available information on one company, for example:
Analyze recent and past accounting decisions. Rule of thumb: If it’s a mess, it hits the press; this is potential research paper on accounting gold.
Research papers on accounting can open networking doors. Summon the gumption to contact officials at a firm for which you would like to work, for example,
Or any of the myriad corporations listed at this website (registration is needed) –
After drilling down into their statements, e.g.,, formulate several thoughtful questions about their accounting decisions that do not insult, but show your careful reading of their annual report. Such interviews must be cited formally, by the way.
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Online Research Paper: What to Know and What to Be Aware of

Modern students have a lot of responsibilities. Writing a huge number of different essays is one of them. To cope with all tasks and to meet all deadlines, students should work very hard. Not to fail with the task, one can get help on the Internet while getting an online research paper.
There are various ways to use online research papers and it can really help you save your time and avoid a hard and frustrating work.
Let us see how online research paper can help you and what you should be aware of.

  1. You can use online research paper samples. You can use them as examples for your own work. But, be aware of plagiarism as many samples of online research papers are plagiarized.
  2. You can use research paper sources to find information in order to complete your own paper, but remember to cite them properly.
  3. Numerous services provide custom online research papers where you can order the work. This will save your time and forces. But, there are many things to be considered about such online research papers.
  4. First of all, you should check the credibility and the reliability of the site that provides custom online research papers. There are too many fake sites, so, you should be very attentive not to be misled.
  5. Provide your writer with all requirements to your work as it influences the quality. Check the efficacy of communication between you and writer so that you could make your corrections of the assignment in time.
  6. The advantage of the custom online research paper is that you get a qualitative and non-plagiarized work.

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Research Paper Help: Several Ideas for Successful Writing

If you suffer from another writer’s block or just want to find more research paper help, this article should attract your attention and provide you with several reliable tips to improve writing. You should know that it is not enough to find some research paper help and be sure about the success of your work.
It more important to comprehend how and when this research paper help should be used. This is why a little guide on how to use research paper help successfully will be rather interesting for you.
Sources with research paper help
Very often students cannot decide at once where they can find reliable and, what is more important, free research paper help. To make your search easier, let us share several ideas:

  1. Surf the web (online forums, live charts, databases – all of them contain some research paper help for you);
  2. Visit libraries (librarians are usually eager to assist students and explain where it is better to look for some help);
  3. Talk to tutors (these professionals may provide you with a number of helpful tips just choose the most effective way to ask for this research paper help).

Ideas of how to use research paper help
When you succeed to find several sources with research paper help, you have to take several crucial steps like:
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History Research Paper: Some Hints on Successful Writing

Writing history research papers is incredibly interesting, but in many cases quite challenging. Though students are always provided with a detailed guide, many questions nevertheless arise when they start working on their history research papers. We offer you some hints on writing a history research paper that can be useful for you.
When writing a history research paper, you will be hardly able to collect data on your own. Thus, your investigation will be probably based on working with:

  • Some primary sources (historical documents, speeches, photos etc)
  • Secondary sources (works of other researchers)

Remember that a history research paper does not require retelling other researchers’ ideas. Even when working with secondary information sources, you will have to do your own analytical work. For example, you may compare two researchers’ views and support one of them by means of providing persuasive evidence.
History is a subject that allows students to develop paper topics that are really interesting for them. For example, when you study a certain epoch, you can write a history research paper on:

  • Political structure
  • Society
  • Culture
  • or any other matter.

Even if you are limited by a certain field, you can always choose a focus that is interesting for you. For example, if you are to write a history research paper about a political leader and you are not interested in politics, you can focus on describing his/her leadership style instead of simple studying the chronology of his/her actions.
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Biology Research Paper Writing: Interesting Facts to Rely On

If you want to make your biology research paper one of the most captivating and winning academic works, you should find enough time to evaluate information available, think about the most interesting methods to use, and divide your time accordingly. The world of biology is rich indeed, this is why many students are lost when they have to choose the material for biology research paper writing. To help you create an amazing biology research paper, you can rely on the ideas offered in the article.
Create a powerful structure for your biology research paper
Though many students try to use some innovative approaches, they completely forget about the necessity to follow rules and requirements. This is why your biology research paper should be properly structured, answered the questions posed, and written in the required format and style.
Use interesting facts and statistics in your biology research paper to demonstrate your wide range of knowledge
The use of details much depends on the field you choose for your. Pay attention to the following facts for your biology research paper, and do not forget that you can find more in the Internet:

  1. An ostrich egg is considered to be the largest single cell;
  2. The lung is regarded as the lightest organ in the body;
  3. Human brain contains more than 75% of water;
  4. Frogs have a habit to eat their skin after it is shed;
  5. In the Amazon River, there are more types of fish then in the Atlantic Ocean.

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Biology Research Paper: Major Characteristic and Structure

Have you even chanced to write a biology research paper? In case you do, you should know that this task is really challenging and complicated because a lot of reliable sources are required to present a worthy scientific project. You should also be aware of the fact that a biology research paper has a lot of essential aspects that should be taken into account for achieving a high grade. These aspects include topic selection, information search, and paper organization.
The chief characteristics of a biology research paper:

  1. Each biology research paper should have the highlighted core. It means that it should have the topic and the problem of the intended project.
  2. The topic of a biology research paper is often revealed through hypothesis addressed to the entire field of study. With regard to this, the entire project should interpret the hypothesis from different angles.
  3. It is imperative for a biology research paper to single out the most important questions that should be considered for enhancing the primarily goals of a scientific investigation.

Possible topics to be analyzed in your biology research paper:

  • History of biology;
  • Study of biological categories;
  • Life on other planets of the Solar system;
  • Investigating the characteristics or a particular kind of organisms;
  • Darwin’s theory of evolution;
  • Investigating the unknown organisms.

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Argumentative Research Paper: The Essence and Writing Tips

Have you ever faced an assignment that implies argumentative essay writing? And research paper writing? Then, you will cope with argumentative research paper writing quite easily. Consider the hints on successful argumentative research paper writing offered below.
An argumentative research paper is really quite similar with both an argumentative essay and a research paper:

  • On the one hand, the purpose of an argumentative research paper is to present your opinion on a certain question to a reader
  • On the other hand, in order to make your opinion grounded and to persuade a reader, you need to do a research and present its results in your argumentative research paper

What differs an argumentative research paper from a usual research paper is that you do not need to do original research. It is enough to:

  1. Work with works of other researchers who investigated a question that you discuss in your paper
  2. Formulate your opinion on a given question based on the material that you have worked with
  3. Represent your opinion in your argumentative research paper and to support it with the references to the studied material

As for argumentative research paper topics, they are quite similar to those provided in argumentative essay assignments. They always contain a certain bit of controversy and imply two or more possible answers that are opposite to each other.
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Action Research Paper: Analyzing Peculiarities of the Genre

Preparing for writing a paper
The word action has several meanings in fiction. Students preparing for an action research paper, have to choose one of them or clarify the professor’s instructions. Depending upon the choice of a specific genre, a learner might use various sources of information.
For example, these may be action stories, manga or anime. The common peculiarity of all action subgenres is the emphasis on succession of events instead of development of characters or storytelling. Action research paper might become exciting for students fond of action books or cartoons.
Combining the useful with the pleasing is one of the most effective strategies for motivating students. Fortunately, action research paper provides a plenty of opportunities for catching the students’ interest. The first step might become research of the history of the genre.
Preparing for an action research paper, students need to allot some time to watching cartoons and/or reading books. It will be helpful for providing examples and supporting one’s thesis statement.
Useful hints for preparing for an action research paper
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