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Thesis Statement Examples: Great Solutions, Clear Explanations!


Thesis Statement Examples: Entering the Problem Solution Center.

There comes a time when you feel that you desperately need one thing…
And that is examples of a thesis statement – as many of them as possible.
Well, you are most welcome to see some of the most fantastic examples – just take a look at… There comes a time when you feel that you desperately need one thing…

Thesis Statement Examples: Classification and Some Great Samples

Are you ready for some good pieces of advice? Then check this table! You’ll find here tips for thesis statement examples for kids, thesis statement examples for middle school students, adults, Bachelors, PhDs and the rest of the folk.
Thesis Statement Classification
There comes a time when you feel that you desperately need one thing…

Type Features Examples
Thesis statement examples for analytical essays
  • Breaking the story into parts;
  • Specifying the features;
  • Analyzing.
Because of the way in which good, evil, strengths and weaknesses combine in Dorian Gray, the character is both attractive and despicable.
Thesis statement examples for expository essays
  • Explaining the idea;
  • Highlighting key features;
  • Exploring a new issue.
Though cloning is often depicted as playing in God’s domain, recent research shows that it can be a solution for numerous medical problems.
Thesis statement examples for argumentative essays
  • Claiming a position;
  • Offering arguments;
  • Proving the point.
Because of the abrupt increase in illegal immigration, rapid job cuts can be observed in several states of the USA.
Thesis statement examples for narrative essays
  • Analyzing the plot;
  • Depicting the settings;
  • Offering character analysis.
Through telling the story of the children left on their own and living by their own rules, Lord of the Flies depicts the horror of regress.
Weak thesis examples
  • Imprecise;
  • Unsupported;
  • Hard to prove
Terrorism is bad, and I want to write about it.
Working thesis examples
  • Needs development;
  • Touches upon the key argument;
  • Requires clarification.
The news says that terrorist activities have surged, which gives reasons to discuss terrorism again.
Solid thesis examples
  • Specifies the key argument;
  • Demonstrates your understanding of the issue;
  • Grabs the reader’s attention.
Because of the unceasing conflict between the West and some of the Islamic countries, the terrorist acts have become frequent, which gives reasons to discuss the possible means of putting a stop to terrorist acts.

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A Thesis Adviser: Tactics on How to Make the Right Choice

thesis adviceSome people compare the process of choosing a thesis adviser to choosing a spouse. Well, probably there are some similarities between getting married and choosing a thesis adviser:

  • First off, you make rather a long-term commitment.
  • Second, you are seeking for support from another person.
  • Third, with time relations between you and a thesis adviser should become more solid.

This sounds not bad, at a glance. But all these above-mentioned items will be possible only if you choose the right thesis adviser, a person who will be ready to give you thesis advice and thesis assistance whenever you need it. Actually, it is not a simple mission, and we are sure you will be glad to learn some good tactics on how to choose a thesis adviser wisely.
Choosing a thesis adviser: tactic 1
You, actually, need to start with defining several important things about your project. What are your research objectives? Why do you want to research some specific field? What contribution do you want to make? A thesis adviser that you will choose should be able to help you meet all these goals.
Choosing a thesis adviser: tactic 2
Take a course or individual study with a potential thesis adviser. In this way, you will have an idea of his/her teaching and working style, his/her fields of interest and expertise.
Choosing a thesis adviser: tactic 3
As for an interview with the potential thesis adviser, do not be afraid to ask all questions that disturb you, e.g.:

  1. What will your adviser’s expectations be as to the quality of your project?
  2. Will he/she provide feedback?
  3. Will he/she be able to help with some resources, tools, etc?
  4. How frequently will your thesis adviser meet with you?

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A Thesis Subject: How to Make the Right Decision

thesis subjectYou have signed up for writing a thesis. Your inspiration and serious intention to make this project is definitely a good starting point, but you have to go and take some concrete steps to progress. One of these first steps will be selecting a good thesis subject.
Choosing thesis subjects or thesis topics is usually a challenging experience for many students. First off, a good thesis subject should meet some requirements like it should be relevant to your field, it should contribute to science, and so on. Second, a thesis subject should be of great interest to you. It should be a kind of motivator that will help you continue working on the project.
Thus, leave enough time for choosing a thesis subject and do not hurry to make the final decision. Here, we want to explain what steps you can take to make the right choice of a thesis subject.
Step 1
Start thinking about some general topics within your research area that sound interesting to you. List all of them, do not neglect any ideas.
Step 2
Get down to exploring possible thesis subjects from your list. Basically, you need to identify whether:

  • this or that thesis subject is directly related to your field;
  • it will be an interesting thesis subject for the research community;
  • it will help you with the future career;
  • you will be able to get all necessary materials to disclose this thesis subject.

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Senior Thesis Papers: a Very Big Project During the Senior Year

senior thesis paperYou are a senior who is probably tired a little of studies and all those papers, research projects, and other academic tasks. Yet, if you want to graduate successfully and prove that you did not waste time in college, you will have to write a senior thesis paper.
Yes, this senior thesis paper is going to be the biggest and the most challenging project in your academic career. If you want to get ready for it, we can explain you some essential aspects of senior thesis paper writing.
The gist of a senior thesis paper
Before you get down to such serious work, let us check whether you have a clear vision of what a senior thesis paper is all about. In a few words, it can be defined as a big, independent research project. It will be your project from the beginning till end, where you have to show the best of your abilities and skills, particularly in researching and writing effectively.
It is a good idea to start with an analysis of senior thesis samples to get a full image of your future work.
Senior thesis topics
Coming up with a topic for your senior thesis paper will be one of the first challenges on your way. It is not an easy decision to make. A topic can affect the result of your work greatly. When it seems that you have finally decided on the right senior thesis idea, think about it once again, discuss it with an advisor, your peers. Anyway, be ready that this topic may change a little in the course of preparing your thesis.
Planning your senior thesis paper
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A Thesis Questionnaire: How to Use This Research “Tool”

thesis questionnaireA thesis questionnaire is one of the “tools” that many thesis writers use to conduct research. Creating a questionnaire for a thesis is a method that is frequently used in social sciences, because it allows collecting real-world information, and thus, making a project closer and more useful to the reader.
Have you also decided to make a thesis questionnaire? Do you think it can significantly improve your project? Well, we are sure it is the right decision, and working on your thesis questionnaire will be an exciting experience.
Yet, before you get down to preparing your thesis questionnaire, we advise you to learn some simple principles of making them so that you really benefit from using this method.
Principle 1
The main rule you should keep in mind is that your thesis questionnaire should be rather simple, easy to read and understand. The participants of your survey should not waste time trying to get the meaning of your questions or answering too many questions. The easier your thesis questionnaire is, the more benefits you will get from it.
Principle 2
Your thesis questionnaire should start with a kind of abstract. In the abstract, you should briefly explain what your research is all about, why you are making this thesis questionnaire, how people’s responses will contribute to your work.
Principle 3
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Thesis Grants: How to Win Funding for your Research

thesis grantAs you probably know, writing a thesis is a complicated process, and a lot of unexpected difficulties will stand on your way to the desired degree. We are talking not only about some typical hardships of a thesis writer such as long sleepless nights, long hours in libraries, isolations, and so on.
Very often, young thesis writers face such problem as lack of money for their research. They just do not have enough financial support and sometimes cannot carry out research thoroughly.
If this is your case, you certainly should apply for a thesis grant or money that will be specially awarded to you. You can spend money on everything that you believe is necessary and vital for your project.
Nowadays, it is not a problem to find funding organizations that provide grants for thesis writers. Actually, whether you win a thesis grant or no depends mostly on you and your project. Here are some general guidelines on how to apply for and win thesis grants.

  • Find several organizations that give thesis grants, carefully study what each organization is interested in and whether they will be interested in your research.
  • Carefully study all requirements you should meet when applying for a thesis grant. Check if you and your project meet all eligibility criteria. Make sure you have all necessary application forms and other documents.
  • Most probably, to get a thesis grant, you will have to write a thesis proposal. It is a document where you need to present all the most important aspects of your thesis paper, your objectives for conducting research, significance of expected results, etc.
  • To win a thesis grant, you need to sound very convincing and should provide all possible details about how you are going to spend money.

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Research Paper Topic Suggestions: Choosing the One You Need

research paper topic suggestionsFeeling a bit nervous because of the necessity to choose research paper topics is absolutely normal. This is what all students have to get through each time they are assigned a research paper. Actually, coming up with good ideas and research paper topic suggestions is not a big problem. Interesting suggestions as to research paper topics may come all of a sudden, from the following sources:

  • lists of research paper topic suggestions from your teacher;
  • sample research papers;
  • various online and printed resources;
  • your peers, experts in the field, etc.

What really causes troubles is deciding which particular research paper suggestion is the best one and would be a perfect match for your paper. Yes, making the final decision can be really challenging. It affects the whole working process and, definitely, the final grade on the paper.
Therefore, let our professional writers explain you how to analyze research paper topics suggestions and pick the right one for your project.
If you have a list of research paper topic suggestions
Do not hurry to select topics from these lists. Although you may be familiar with them, it does not mean you will cover the chosen issue the same easily. After you decide on a certain topic, talk to a teacher and specify what he/she is waiting for.
Do not forget about your interests
We mean not only specific fields of interest. Before you choose this or that research paper topic suggestion, think what you like doing: dealing with theoretical issues or making experiments, talking to people and making interviews or working in a lab.
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A Thesis Sentence: Everything You Ought to Know about It

thesis sentencesNo matter whether you are working on a dissertation paper or on a mere essay, you will have to create a thesis sentence, which is also called a thesis statement. What is more, among all sentences in your paper, this thesis sentence is the most complicated to make.
So, it seems like you are not sure how to write good thesis sentences. Not all sample thesis sentences that you have flicked through answer questions you have.
Then, let us provide you with answers and tips for making good thesis sentences.
What is a thesis sentence?
First of all, make sure you really understand what a thesis sentence is. To put it into simple words, it is an answer to the question “What your paper is going to be about?”
A good thesis sentence is a kind of road map for the reader that explains your arguments.
Where should a thesis sentence appear?
Generally, it is considered that a thesis sentence should be presented at the end of the introductory paragraph. However, it is not a strict rule, and some factors may affect the “location” of your thesis sentence, such as the length of your introductory paragraph.
How long should a thesis sentence be?
One of the characteristics of a good thesis sentence is its preciseness. Therefore, your thesis should not be longer than 2 sentences.
What are the main features of a good thesis sentence?
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A Thesis PowerPoint Presentation: It Can Boost Up Your Success

thesis powerpoint presentationUsing PowerPoint presentations during the thesis defense is a common practice these days. Yes, PowerPoint is a perfect tool that turns a thesis presentation into an exciting process, helps to keep the audience’s interest and present your project and findings in a more positive way.
For many students, making PowerPoint presentations is not a new experience. Yet, you have to make a thesis PowerPoint presentation, which means everything should be just perfect so that not to spoil the impression from your project.
In this article, we provide several general guidelines on how to prepare a thesis PowerPoint presentation that will boost up the effectiveness of your defense.
Thesis PowerPoint presentations: how to prepare
In many ways, making a thesis PowerPoint presentation is similar to giving a speech. Although you will have slides with text, your comments play a vital role. Thus, before preparing your thesis PowerPoint presentation, take time to decide what exactly you want to say.
Thesis PowerPoint presentations: using colors
One of the first steps you will take to prepare your thesis PowerPoint presentation is design presentation templates. An important aspect about templates that you should keep in mind is background color. You know, our eyes are very sensitive, and colors that you use in your thesis PowerPoint presentation can make it easy or hard to read. A good choice would be dark blue or green colors with yellow, white, or orange text.
Thesis PowerPoint presentations: using fonts
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Free Ideas for Research Papers on Brand Management

research paper on brand managementAre you stuck with your research paper on brand management because of the dearth of ideas? Impossible! Brand management is such an exciting field full of various issues for discussion.
Anyway, if this is your problem right now, we are glad to help you with your research paper on branding. Let us give you a couple of general recommendations first.

  1. Even if you are not going to discuss some brand new issues in your research paper on branding, you still have a chance to attract the reader. Just make sure that the introduction of your research paper on branding has some sort of “hook” to catch the reader’s attention.
  2. A good research paper on brand management should be based on different kinds of sources. Make sure that you use textbooks, some specific dictionaries, newspaper articles for completing your paper.
  3. Finally, perfect research papers on brand management should be perfectly organized. By the way, consider a perfect organization as a kind of your own brand and make sure it is flawless.

Now, you can look through our topic suggestions for your brand management research paper.
Bad brands
Can you think of some brands that were unsuccessful and failed once they reached the market? As examples for your research paper on brand management, we suggest you the following:

  • Heinz Green Ketchup;
  • Coca Cola Blak;
  • Sega Saturn, etc.

Nordic brands
What do you think about such brands as Carlsberg, Nokia, or IKEA? These are the best examples of Nordic brands. Discuss their peculiarities in your research paper on brand management.
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